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National Consumer Promotions (NCP)

We design and implement high quality, high-impact sales promotions, incentives, partnerships and affinity programs which help brands create awareness, grow sales and increase customer retention.

Corporate Ring Back Tunes

Corporate Caller Tunes is a personalization service designed to provide brands a way to share signature ringtones or messages with their customers.

Loyalty Platforms (Contests)

We help brands develop mobile contests, review entries and select winners in unique challenges.

Bulk SMS

Our user friendly web2smspro portal helps brands and private individuals expand their reach with Bulk SMS.

Shortcode Service

We provide Premium Rated Shortcode services either on a dedicated shortcode basis, or on a keyword basis.

DATA (Profiled and Non-profiled numbers)

We also have a robust database of profiled and non-profiled phone numbers carefully built and managed.

Our Platforms


mGen is a mobile engagement service that bridges
the gap between your business and customers by
using SMS shortcodes and unique keywords to collect
and aggregate customer responses in real-time


Our Mobile messaging Platform is an intuitive web
interface with streamlined access to real-time
communication, which can be used to send updates,
adverts, notification to your clients anywhere and
anytime in the world” visit our web page to get a messaging
account and aggregate customer responses in real-time


  • The Most Valuable Demographics to Brands are on Mobile
  • Smartphones and Tablets Remove Barriers to Mobile Marketing
  • People Are Doing More E-Commerce Transactions through Mobile Devices
  • Social Media Has Gone Mobile
  • Mobile Technology is Replacing the Television and the Radio
  • Mobile Marketing can be Very Cost Effective
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