• May 23, 2017
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Has Big data changed your marketing?

Mobile Marketing

It’s the 21st century, I would call it the “Digital Century” and we are all in it. iPad or Tablets, Smart mobile phones, Netflix n Chill, millions of apps, social media, and online shopping have become part of everyday reality.
Before advent of the digital age, in the not so distant past, brand managers and marketers focused on getting agencies to create compelling ads for fliers or pamphlets, or for stone age television commercials, and possibly come up with some mind boggling creative for a billboard or two. The work of the marketer and brand manager has now evolved to keeping up with multiple digital technologies and digital marketers are now crunching numbers, focusing on particular individuals as against the general public, and making use of multiple channels to reach their target audience.
While this sounds more than a little awe-inspiring, the digital age has produced loads of data, and from data generated, marketers are gaining more insights into customer behavior more than ever before. Expectations and pressure on marketing to generate value by capturing market share, increasing customer lifetime value, and growing customer equity, continues to rise and businesses are focusing on big data to ensure that marketing is performance driven.