Digital Marketing

iConcepts is uniquely positioned at the intersection of mobile, digital and social media. Leveraging both technologies, our digital department provides brands with the following services:


Digital Strategybusiness-seo-services

We tailor our digital strategy to meet our clients’ needs. We understand that navigating the ever evolving world of digital media pose a communication challenge for brands. We help brands develop consumer centric digital strategies that help achieve set milestones. We don’t just leave our clients to unravel the digital strategies by themselves, we work with them throughout the whole gamut of implementation and measuring ROI.

We connect your brand’s value proposition with identified consumer needs and help your brand create unforgettable digital experiences that resonates with the target audience.

We understand that digital marketing involves active consumer participation in a company’s marketing communication and the digital platform gives consumers greater control over the way they interact with brand marketing. Now, more than ever before, the consumer is king.

We don’t just see digital as a set of tools for marketing purposes but as an experience that permeates consumers’ everyday lives. Our digital department crafts innovative ideas and solutions that help improve consumer engagement and promote brand or product affinity.

Social Media


Humans are social beings. We love to share and interact with each other. No media embodies this innate human trait as much as social media. An increasingly large number of people have embraced social networks as their primary means of sharing content, communicating with friends and brands alike.

Leveraging social media networks, we create content that aligns with a user’s social experience, generate online conversations around your brand or products, and encourage users to share and respond. We offer a bouquet of services that guarantees optimal engagement between consumers and your brand online. We are adept at exploring online chatter and trends to drive awareness, offline sales and brand positioning.

We help you to identify your specific social media needs and help create the right connections between your brand and it online audience.

Digital Advertising

Our partnerships and competencies in the digital industry are such that we are able to place your brand in high traffic positions across mobile, web and social media platforms. We deliver millions of impressions across the portals and deploy interactive adverts guaranteed to garner optimal eyeball reach and frequency.

We provide a full suite of services, from search to display and rich media ads, brands can create engaging content designed to trigger specific actions and high CTRs from the target consumer market.

Online Brand Protection

Online Brand Protection (OBP) is an online monitoring service that protects brand identities in the digital space.

We have developed an advanced, automated platform, ZERO, which constantly monitors all leading online B2B and B2C marketplaces, auction sites, webshops, websites, apps and social media for cases of counterfeit products and brand infringement.

Our systems automatically filter large amounts of data before flagging and prioritizing suspicious content to our team of experts for further analysis.

Currently, our enforcement rate is between 95 and 100 per cent of identified unauthorized listings. We achieve this through our comprehensive knowledge of the processes involved in combatting counterfeiting, backed up by ZERO which features an automated reporting function that flags, examples of counterfeit content as it identifies such material. We also build close working relationships with key authorities to maximize our success rate.