• May 14, 2017
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Digital Advertising in Nigeria?

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Digital Advertising is a continually growing industry in Nigeria, with digital advertising quickly becoming the most prominent advertising form, many brand managers continue to shift budgets from traditional media to digital. Over the next five years, internet advertising will likely equal, or even overtake, TV as the largest advertising platform. With this increase in digital spending, the method to buy digital advertising is also evolving with the rise of Programmatic ad buying.


Rather than the traditional digital advertisement buying process, involving human dialogs, programmatic advertisement buying utilizes algorithms programmed into software to buy and place advertising. It helps to optimize the buying and placement of paid media through a programmatic marketing platform that automates the buying and selling of online advertising. The process of buying Ad’s programmatically ensures business get ROI from Ad spend, perhaps the simplest way to define programmatic Ad’s is that it is served only to the relevant audience, reaching the right person at the right time with the right message, therefore reducing the possibilities of wasting Ad spend.


Many brand managers are looking to reach unique users to reduce cost per acquisition, and are taking advantage of the latest programmatic platforms Nigeria has to offer. One of those platforms, is Twinpine’s mobile advertising business that allows advertisers to buy inventory and access to reach mobile users on organically-generated channels which sit on non-internet based platforms on mobile devices – such as USSD-based balance enquiry, Call-Me-Back messages and End of Call Notification.


Eskimi is also one of the major players in the programmatic marketing space as a demand side platform with over 37 Million reach in Nigeria, and million+ in Africa, and reaching over 280 million worldwide.


There is no doubt that programmatic Ad buying is new to Nigeria, and its success will depend on the readiness of Nigerian digital agencies to explore its numerous possibilities.


In the future, successful programmatic providers will increasingly differentiate themselves based on their ability to deliver campaigns that not only drive behaviors but also improve brand metrics.


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